Monetisation Transparancy

We'd like to take an opportunity to be 100% transparent about our monetisation model, the methods use and the result.


We use various 3rd party services to monetise our platform, this includes services such as Arc as well as more conventional advertising methods such as using Adsterra's advertisement platform. For our Arc integration we have integrated it into every player and every embed on our site, this will not affect performance of your videos or affect the users experience on our or your own site. Arc just sits there dormant, you can read more about how it works here. For our advertising partners such as Adsterra we have only implemented it for free users and paid users will not see our advertisements on their embeds full stop, however as we are primarily a streaming service and not a download service, our downloads are monetised by us and us alone in which we do not share the revenue. Advertisements may increase and decrease in quantity on free embeds and downloads at our own discretion depending on our costs.

We also monetise our platform by selling premium subscriptions to advertisement free embeds and downloads as well as offering increased download speeds. These costs will increase and decrease throughout time dependent on member levels and library size. Our pricing can easily be found on our premium page, we have no hidden costs and hope to make things as clear as possible.


We are yet to make a single cent on our website and will most likely continue not to make any profit at all, we happily cover our server costs with out current strategy and don't wish to make any money for ourselves. Any money over our current outgoings will go straight back into server costs, future development (3rd party developers for things we cannot do) as well as paying for backups and storage solutions.

We hope this helps you understand our monetization methods and we hope our transparency helps you put a little extra faith in us!